Racquet Stringing

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Multifilament – Wilson Sensation 16G  |  $35.00

This is a type of string design where numerous individual string filaments, usually made of nylon, are wrapped or braided into a single length of string with a urethane binding agent. Read more.

Co-Polymer Monofilament – Wilson Revolve 16G  |  $30.00

A type of string design where one string material or a combination of materials is extruded or drawn through a geometrically shaped dye to form a solid piece of string. Read more.

Synthetic Gut – Wilson Synthetic Gut Power 16G  |  $25.00

The most economical of the various string families, synthetic gut is a nylon-based string, typically with a solid monofilament core surrounded by one or multiple layers of smaller filaments. Read more.

Hybrid – Luxilon Savage / Wilson Synthetic Gut Power 16G  |  $35.00

This is the mixing of two different types of string in the same racquet. Since these polyester-based strings are so stiff, many players have mixed them with synthetic or natural gut strings to make for a more playable and comfortable string bed. Read more.

Over Grips – Wilson Profile Black | $10.00

Wilson Profile Over Grip (package of 3) introduces a tread pattern, made from a soft material, for high comfort,  extra traction, and maximum absorption to keep your hands dry. Read more.