Co-Polymer Monofilament | Wilson Revolve 16G

A type of string design where one string material or a combination of materials is extruded or drawn through a geometrically shaped dye to form a solid piece of string. Monofilament strings tend to exhibit greater durability than synthetic gut or multifilament strings of the same material, but have less power, feel, and comfort. The most common monofilament string, polyester based strings, have become softer (easier on the arm) as it has evolved. These strings are ideal for players searching for durability with control and spin. The lower elasticity of these strings requires full, fast swings to maximize their performance. This is why they are generally used by intermediate and advanced players. Polyester based strings are known for losing tension fairly quickly. Try this 16-gauge for a nice balance of control, feel, and spin.

Price | $30.00