Bubble Soccer Scores for Great Cause

Earlier this month, we had the privilege of hosting an afternoon of bubble soccer that was by no means your standard event! We were bouncing off the walls with how much fun we had on our indoor fields and the best part – it was all for a great cause!

Thanks to the tremendous efforts of MoveRight Realty, their 2nd Annual Bubble Soccer Tournament was a HUGE success and we were thrilled to be involved this year. Naomi Knight, Operations Manager for MoveRight Realty, said that, “we couldn’t have found a better venue this year than Youngs Sportsplex”!

According to Naomi, and everyone else involved, the event was a winner in every regard. “We’re happy to say we sold out with more teams than expected, our players had a blast, and spectators had great views of the action.” All in all, the event saw 93 participants come out for hours of fun, which was capped off by a 1st place finish for ‘The Braden Bunch’!

But more than this, everyone involved with the tournament was here for one reason – to raise money for a tremendous cause. Red Roof Retreat provides quality respite and recreational programs for children, youth and young adults with special needs, and their families in the Niagara Region. And it is events such as these that truly help to make their efforts possible. This year’s bubble soccer tournament was able to raise an incredible $4,400 for Red Roof Retreat, which will go a long way toward their continued impact in the Niagara Region.

Said Naomi, “we can’t wait to come back next year”, and we most certainly agree with this sentiment! We want to extend our sincere congratulations on a job well done and we want to thank everyone who helped to support this great cause!


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